Young Love - An Adoptee’s Memoir

Bonnie's memoir describes the author’s lifelong, innate curiosity about her adoption. She was born in Catherine Booth Hospital in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and relinquished into foster care by her birth mother at six weeks. Adopted and raised in a family with love and support, she nevertheless became frustrated not knowing anything about her biological family and her heritage—and further frustrated when she learned what it means to have a “closed” adoption. As a young mother, she finally decided to ask for answers and began a 35-year search for her birth parents. The story unfolds with non-identifying information, library research, internet research, and DNA! Adoption search angels provide invaluable assistance and encouragement. Bonnie Parsons’ style is open and fresh. She shares her love for both her adoptive and biological families. This memoir will inform and inspire adoptees who are searching. The answers are out there. Never give up!



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