Social Distancing verses Physical Distancing

Someone on the news today distinguished the terms, social distancing and physical distancing. I thought, “What a smart idea!” The term, social distancing, has become part of our vocabulary the last few weeks. But I think it is more accurate to say we need physical distancing to slow down the pandemic–we need to stay at least six feet away from each other. That is a physical distance, along with other very important physical behaviors, like hand-washing and keeping our hands away from our face. So, enough about physical distancing–let’s just do it!

Socially, we need each other, more than ever. We are in a unique and dangerous and scary time as the virus moves across our communities, our states, our country, and the world! Hospital workers and people in “essential” jobs are risking their lives to keep us healthy and safe.

However, every day, I am heartened to see how folks are responding with acts of kindness and appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice of others. I see cheering and clapping and singing. I see people reaching out to help neighbors and check in on one another. Through these acts of kindness, we are increasing our social connections–we are pulling together–in a good way.

We need each other. Life is precious. And with each other, we will get through this.

Cards and letters “send a little love”–another way we pull together.

Handmade Friendship Card
Handmade Friendship Card

Hoping you are safe and well. Love, Bonnie

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