It’s All About Family

Mom and Dad
Bonnie, Ian and Stephanie

I searched for my birth family for many years. I didn’t stop searching until I had identified my birthparents. My search took 35 years! Curiosity never let me down. I was driven by an innate desire to know my original identity. Throughout my search, I felt I was asking for information that belonged to me! I believe that identity is personal and sacred.

Many events occurred during my 35 year search. It was a fascinating journey. I wrote an early journal after the first five years. After that, friends and family encouraged me to record new events along the way. Eventually I decided to get back to writing. I incorporated my first journal into this memoir. After a couple of years, I was able to say that I was working on a book!

My book is a memoir. And, it turned out to be about my family and my life, not just the search for my birthparents. This memoir is for my family–my husband, my children, my grandchildren, and future generations.

My memoir is also for the families of my birthparents. By knowing them, I hope to honor the memories of my birthmother and birthfather.

12 thoughts on “It’s All About Family”

  1. So looking forward to reading your book! It definitely took a long time but it paid off at the end. Perseverance is the key. So happy that we found each other in your journey

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  2. Bonnie, I am also looking forward to reading about your journey. It seems so long ago that you \ first shared your intentions to locate your birth family with me. How excited I was for you when you met the first family members. I can hardly wait to read about the many joyous meetings yoy’ve had since then. Love, Pat

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  3. This is such exciting news! We think your memoir will be a great inspiration for others. We are sharing your blog with Marie’s Golden Girls Book Club and look forward to reading, “Young Love” this spring!
    All the best,
    Del and Marie Marwedel

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